What does 666 represent? Revelation 13

What does 666 represent?

Revelation 13:18. Here is wisdom. He who has understanding must calculate the number of the beast, [the papacy]: for it is the number [standing or value] of a man. The Man of Sin, the Papacy. — Rev. 19:20; 2 Thes. 2:3.; and his number is 666.

[666—is the total value of the pope’s crown inscribed with this title translated means Vicar of the Son of God and by accepting such a one as an earthly head, it would constitute one as a part of the anti-Christ].

The mark of the best is the number of a man that is the man of sin so who is the man of sin?

The distinctive marks of the man of sin, identified in 2 Thessalonians  2:
The Apostasy
abandonment of truth.2:3
The Man Of Sin an individual apostate.2:3
The Man Of Sin a religious organisation continuing from Paul’s time to Christ’s return.2:3 to 2:8
Exalts Self Above All That Is Called Godclaim to be vicar and vice-regent of both God and Christ.2:4
Coming After The Working of Satan disguising Apostacy under forms of Christian religion.2:9
With All Power, Signs and Lying wondersclaiming power of priesthood, mediatorship, secular and spiritual government, and miraculous signs and healings.2:9
Have PleasureIn Unrighteousness - profligate, licentious and immoral.2:12
  • Antichrist is the Greek word “antichristos” transferred directly, and untranslated, into English.
  • Antichrist has a meaning, translatable into English, which is “One instead of Christ”
  • Antichrist is therefore someone who claims to be in Christ’s place.
  • Antichrist is identical in meaning to the Latin term: “Vicarius Christi “Vicar of Christ
  • Vicar of Christ is one of many evidences which identify the papacy and Roman Catholicism with Antichrist.
  • At the close of the council of Rome in AD 495, the assembled bishops shouted in honour of the pope “We see thou art the Vicar of Christ”!
  • In assuming the title Vicar of Christ the papacy has identified itself as the Antichrist.