Christ Arose, Then Died The Gospel of Philip

Christ Arose, Then Died

Those who say that the master first died and then arose are wrong, for he first arose and then died. If someone is not first resurrected, would that person not die? As God lives, that one would <die>.
the new life in christ if a man had not atain to this resurrection in his life become a christian he would loss the life eternal and since jesus as redeemer anticipated as it were the journey of the believer so he must have risen first 

Those who say that the Lord died first and (then) rose up are in error, for he rose up first and (then) died [All of the sons of God must be raised up in the flesh (be born of a woman) first and then be “put to flesh” that they be “vivified in the spirit” - i.e. all must suffer the “first death” (life in the physical body) and “overcome” their carnal nature (sinful lusts) – in Jesus’s case the sinning nature had to be representatively nailed up to death in the eyes of all the world, in one who, without sin himself, was a partaker of the nature (condemned human nature or sinful flesh) that had come under death by its power (Rom. viii. 3; Heb. ii. 14)

Had he possessed any other than the very nature of condemned man, he would not have been a suitable sacrifice for man. And his blood would have been like the blood of the animals shed under the Mosaic system of things, ' which could not take away sin ' (Heb. x. 4). Hence the importance of receiving the fact that he 'came in the flesh' (1 John iv. 3; 2 John 7)."

If one does not first attain the resurrection [i.e. “Christ in you” “a new creation” separated to Him (while in the “body”)], would that person not die [his “old man” (sinful nature) will continue to lord it over him]. As God lives, he would [...] (Philip 15).

The orthodox say that the Lord died and then was resurrected, but this is an error. Resurrection does not follow death, but precedes it. By its very nature, this mortal plane is a realm of death. We mortals are born dead, so we can't really die. Mortal death is an illusion. Only those who have been resurrected from mortal existence, so that their life is not merely an illusion, are capable of dying. For them, physical death and resurrection are only illusions, for they continue to live unless they choose spiritual death, but for those who are not resurrected from mortal existence, physical death and resurrection are also illusions, for they were never really alive.