Faith and Love The Gospel of Philip

Faith and Love

Faith receives, love gives. [No one can [62] receive] without faith, and no one can give without love. So to receive we have faith and to love we give. If someone gives without love, that person gets no benefit from what was given.

Anyone who receives something but does not receive the lord is still a Hebrew.
faith receives love it gives nothing without faith in order that we many receive on the one hand we believe but in order that we may give

Faith receives [knowledge and comprehension of our true nature], love gives [what it has received – we do this by becoming as our Messiah showing love, compassion and forgiveness toward others who are still in ignorance, while giving these truths to others who are willing to receive it]. No one will be able to receive [the truth] without faith [they must first believe there is a God in the heavens that they may be brought to Christ (be given “the power to become sons”)]. No one will be able to give without love [Love is the power of the spirit which moves people to receive the word.  When we realize that all mankind are our brothers (and sisters) whether they good or evil, whether they are loving us or hating us we will treat them in the same loving way in the hope that they will receive the Word in their hearts]. Because of this, in order that we may indeed receive, we believe, and in order that we may love, we give, since if one gives without love, he has no profit from what he has given [it must come from the heart and not just the lips or out of our excess but our want – many do not even know that their love is empty, feigned but actions always speak louder than words]. He who has received something other than the Lord [other than “Christ in you” the resurrection] is still a Hebrew [still under the law of sin (in bondage to the “letter” of the law which leads to death)](Philip 32)

Faith receives and Love gives. No one can receive without faith, and no one can give without Love. We develop faith so that we can receive, but we develop Love so that we can give what we have received through faith. If we do not develop Love so that we can give, the gifts we receive through our faith have no value.