God Is a Man-Eater The Gospel of Philip

God Is a Man-Eater
God is a man-eater, [63] and so humans are [sacrificed] to him. Before humans were sacrificed, animals were sacrificed, because those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.

the purpose of animal sacrifices is to provide food for the gods the animals being regarded as substitutes for human victim

God is a man-eater [the physical body is the potting soil, sarx (carnality) which must die and decay so as to feed the maturing spirit son within like the husk of a seed]. For this reason, men are sacrificed to him [the flesh and the lusts thereof must die]. Before men were sacrificed, animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods [this is covered more in Philip 10 above and by the passage below] (Philip 36)

The Elohim consume their children. They require that their children sacrifice their selves to them. In the past, animals were sacrificed to the gods of darkness and to the demiurge, but the Elohim do not accept animal sacrifices. The only sacrifice they will accept is the sacrifice of their own progeny. If you desire to approach the Elohim, be prepared to sacrifice your self, for this is the only means through which you can enter their presence.