Jesus Tricked Everyone The Gospel of Philip

Jesus Tricked Everyone
Jesus tricked everyone, for he did not appear as he was, but he appeared so that he could be seen. He appeared to everyone. He [appeared] to the great as great, he [appeared] to the small as small, he [appeared [58] to the] angels as an angel and to humans as a human. For this reason his word was hidden from everyone. Some looked at him and thought they saw themselves. But when he appeared to his disciples in glory upon the mountain, he was not small. He became great. Or rather, he made the disciples great, so they could see him in his greatness.
This saying maybe a referance to the transfigation

In this saying of Jesus there is a “play on words”. Its meaning is: “Do so that disciples became, at last, to look like angels!”. Behind these words of Jesus there is a regret that even some of His closest disciples could not comprehend Him.

Jesus took them all by stealth, for he did not appear as he was [an exact representation of the Father - only by the set-apart spirit was this discernible], but in the manner in which they would be able to see him [He was sown in a physical body - wearing flesh]. He appeared to them all. He appeared to the great [kings] as great [as a king (they felt threatened by this)]. He appeared to the small [humble] as small [humble]. He appeared to the angels [men of Elohim] as an angel [man of Elohim], and to men [of the world] as a man [speaking only in parables]. Because of this, his word hid itself from everyone [“Truth” is something that can only come to those who are willing to seek righteousness first so His true nature and what He represented could not be revealed to anyone whose heart was not ready to receive it.  Because of this, His overarching mission was a mystery to both men and angels (even prophets) alike at the time of His coming]. Some indeed saw him, thinking that they were seeing themselves [they saw him as a natural man], but when he appeared to his disciples in glory on the mount, he was not small [they saw a glimpse of His "glory" and heard a voice out of heaven say; “This is My Son, the Beloved in whom I am well pleased. Here Him”]. He became great [was transfigured], but he made the disciples great [transfigured them], that they might be able to see him in his greatness (Philip 19) [one cannot see Him as He really is (in His glory) unless one becomes like Him].

Jesus accommodated himself to each one he met; he didn't show himself as he was, but in an appearance with which they could identify. To those centered in Light, he appeared in Light. To those centered in physical existence, he appeared as their fellowman. To the angels, he appeared as an angel, but to mortals, he appeared as a mortal. Those who saw him were actually seeing themselves. In this way, his reality was hidden from everyone to one degree or another, unless they were transformed into the nature of that reality. When he appeared to his disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, he appeared in the fullness of his radiant Light, but he filled them with that Light which enabled them to perceive the Real Christ. When they had returned to their normal condition, Jesus led them in offering thanks and prayer. "You who perfect us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that we are filled with Light," he prayed, "unite us with the angels and Gods while we are in this mortal sphere, so that we can return to that realm from which we came."