The Lamb The Gospel of Philip

The Lamb

Do not despise the lamb, for without it no one could see the king. No one can meet the king while naked.
The sacrificial Lamb is Jesus who went to His cross death in order that the knowledge, left by Him, save people from eternal death.

Being naked is to be without the lamb the lamb is symbolic of puting on Christ

The Lamb, also, was typically slain at the foundation of the world when coats of skins were provided Adam and Eve to hide their nakedness. This was the "foundation of the world,"

"Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one watching and keeping his garments, so that he should not walk naked and they might see his shame."

nakedness is symbolic of a state of sin 

This was impressed upon Adam and Eve, when God stripped them of their fig-leaf device, and covered them with the skin of a slain lamb (Gen. 3:21). This pointed forward to the offering of Christ (Gal. 3:26-28; Rev. 13:8).

It teaches that we must be figuratively covered with the "garment of salvation" (Isa 61:10), which we "nut on" in baptism (Gal. 3:27).

The Gospel of Philip and Revelation 16: Both reveal the possibility of spiritual nakedness

2 Cor. 5:4 refers to eternal life as a covering of nakedness: "being clothed upon, that mortality be swallowed up of life." 

Do not despise the lamb [do not become offended by this process of sonship], for without it [the “sacrifice” of the lamb (“deny thyself”) for “precious in the eyes of Yahweh (the Father) is the death of His Saints”], it is not possible to see the king [the Father]. No one will be able to go in to the king [“in to the king” is the “crown” of our spiritual journey to sonship that we might be “in HIM and He in us” that we might be “All in All”] if he is naked [does not have on a “wedding garment” i.e. a righteous heart or “does not have love” for many have knowledge but without love you will be bound and “cast into outer darkness” (the lusts of the flesh still are lord over these)] (Philip 20).

Don't despise the Lamb of the Elohim, Yahweh’s Suffering Slave, for unless you enter into his passion, you will never be able to enter the heirship of the Ruler. It is impossible to enter the Ruler's presence if you remain naked. Only if you are clothed in the Garments which have been whitened in the blood of the Lamb will you be able to join the Ruler's Family in the Divine Realm.