Early Life Of Paul In The Bible

Apostle Paul was a man that persecuted the saints in the time of old and make sure that the word of Jesus Christ and the Gospel he comes to the world. Apostle Paul was then named name saul the persecutor or the saints, he was a general in his army and he was the one that masterminds the fighting and chasing of the saints especially the original apostles Jesus Christ has choosing to help proclaim the Gospel he has brought to the world in order to save mankind.

Saul has hunted many apostles even while Jesus christ was still doing his earthly ministry, the men hunted was men that has the God message in their hands and in their hearts and are willing to proclaim the gospel to the world in order to bring them closer to their creator and God. Saul was a highly learned man according to the scripture and from the scripture also we have learnt that he was married but the scripture didn't give us any info on about his wife or anything concerning where she might be if she was dead or the were not together anymore.

But I have a hard time believing that they had gone their separate ways because then their belief was not acceptable to the divorces we have today, spouses are not allowed to leave their wives or husband due to some disagreement but are given rooms to counsel each other in order to straighten the marriage and relationship in every way. So with that been known i do not think saul divorced his wife rather there may be that the wife was dead before he repented and chose to be among the apostles that proclaim the Gospel to all nations as we read in the bible.

We should know this because it adds a high level of knowledge to our being and our life to strengthing what we believe and the way we understand the scriptures, we should be knowledgable in all aspect of life and all aspect of our struggle to be better people that has better experience of the Gospel of Jesus Crist our savior