How Saul Was Named Paul and Ordained Apostle

The last time we talked about soul before e turned to paul, in that post we understand that there was a time paul was very rude and wicked to the saints, he persecuted them and make sure that their works and their gospel never spread to a point but the saints were not drawn back because of the faith they have in the work they do and the knowledge they have about the gospel, if the gospel was not worth it there will not be any possibility that the would have given their lives up for it in any way or anyhow.

But something happened that changed the story of the apostles and apostle Paul, he was on his way to Damascus to do his normal work as to fight and destroy the peace of the saints so the will not have peace and have any rest in any way during their ministry. So while on its way an angel appeared to him with a white horse with a great sword to stop him from going to harass the saints.

When the Angel appeared to saul the angel asked him in a loud voice saying " Saw why are you persecuting and killing my people" he was very touched and was sad with what the angel told him, soul decided to change and changed his name to paul who was able to do so many words in the bible and wrote many books of inspiration and many things that has happened in the bible has been written by apostle paul.

What have you learned in this story of apostle paul, me personally I learned that it is not good to fight the people of God when God is not doing anything when the persecution is going doesn't mean he do not know what to do but He is waiting for the right time.