Meaning Of Christmas And How To Celebrate It With Love

Christmas is such a wonderful period for Christians around the world, there is no place in the world that Christians are that the won't want to celebrate Christmas accept in a country they are not allowed to celebrate it in any way so the have to do it in a way that is private and away the would do it so that people would not find out. Many Christians like to visit home to celebrates the Christmas with their loved ones and spend time with them, share the story of how the year has been and how they have spent there time in any part of the world they have and the progress they have seen in their lives and work.

Personally in my community families love coming back for Christmas there will see their loved ones they have not seen since the departed in the previous Christmas that was celebrated so with that they can connect and have some family discussions.

With this been known we should understand that the time for Christmas is a time for love, a time we share love and time we should visit the less privileged and those that do not have anyone to celebrate the Christmas season with. If Jesus Christ died for us for free, what can we pay to say I am thankful for what thou has done for me and my family. The only way I know we can do that is by sharing the love with those that need it, we should share our food and our belongings to those that need its more than we do, there are hungry people standing in the street looking for who to just tell them " Have this used shirt and those used shoes, in our closet, we have things we no more use, we have disposed things we can easily give out to others to use if we can remember to share love with people that need it most, that way we show that we love Jesus Christ and the things he has done for us more especially dying for our sins he never committed.