The Sabbath Day And The Blessings That Comes With It

We will be talking about how the sabbath day was run from Saturday to Sunday and how knowing this will help us understand a go closer to God in a way you feel his presence in you and him talking to you in a way you understand very well.

During the time of the Old Testament, the people of Israel recognize the last day of the creation like the day that God rested from creating the world and he Himself has chosen that day as a special day that he needs his creation to give the praises and worship he deserves.

During the time of Moses, after leading the children of Isreal out of the land of Egypt, he taught them that they need to observe the sabbath day and keep it holy, even in the 10 commandments Moses received from the Lord, it reminds the Israelites that the Lord is their only God the should honor and obey in every aspect of their lives, they were reminded that he has been the God that has delivered them from the bondage they were subjected to for many years after the pharaoh that known Joseph died, He reminded them that the Lord has saved them from the hands of their enemy and put in a part of them getting to promise land the Lord has promised their forefathers.

Why was the sabbath day changed

After Jesus christ resulted from the dead after 3 days, the sabbath was changed from Saturday which is the last day of the week to Sunday that is the first day of the week, before Jesus christ crucifixion and resurrection, he has taught them that they should always keep the sabbath day holy and he was not on earth to destroy the law of Moses but fulfill it in which he did.

Why should this bother you? it should because we should know that in doing things of the Lord we need to do it right and make sure that the lord is with us in every step if our life, the thing is the Lord has placed many blessings in our way so when we do the right thing, the blessings will come to us but if we do not the blessings will not come to us.

The sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday because Sunday was the day Jesus Christ resurrected from death and that is the end of our post today. In our next post we will talk about many things other.