Bringing Souls To Heaven

Today being Sunday we are going to be talking about the Sunday and the sabbath day plus how it can help you to go close to God with good and beautiful hearts.

Today in church I learned that it's very better to bring people unto God and bring them to salvation so that their souls will be saved on the last day. If today you have not realized that the Lord is showing the signs of the second time he is coming to the earth to take the saints to the place he has prepared for us, the rumor of war and the sickness and viruses in the world, we should be very careful to the choices we have made in our lives and the things we involve ourselves.

The best part of this is that there is no money you need to pay in order to gain the eternal life but he has made everything free and fair for all of us, Jesus Christ died for us to be saved and to be in a better place today, we should know that we have a better chance to join the train of the Lord than to be partying in sins.

Today I understand the rules strengthening the faith of others that bring to us, we should note that the people we bring to God is His sons and daughters also so we should do it with love and happiness in our hearts and mind we are, imagine the joy that will be in heaven when for your sake there is a new soul that is received in heaven.

I call upon you today to come unto God and be humble unto him to bring him, souls, the blessings of the Lord will come unto those that bring him souls, we call upon you.