Making Plans For You Life With God

Today is Monday the day you got to start working on the plans you have made up in your mind throughout the weekend, I mean you can start anytime you like or pleases you, let me also add that you can start the day you have made the plans upon your mind, but the thing is doing you put God on your plans? Today we are going to talk about many of the plans you have and how you can include God in those of your plans.

You might be asking, why would you put God in your plans? okay, I would love to make it very very simple to us today, we should know that God almighty is the ultimate of everything and needs to be in all your plans, you will tell me that those that don't believe in God are making it big so why would I have to put God in the center of my plans, let me ask you, those people that do not believe in God believed in something, the belief in some being that they think works of somethings for them. We shouldn't underestimate the power of God and the miracles he can perform in your light.

The lord is mindful of us and want our lives to be a better place for users to stay, so that's why he has given us all things he has given us the scriptures to know the things we should know at all time when we know all these things, the Lord we bless us with all this knowledge and things we have learned.